Please read our current changes and what to expect when you return to the salon. 



1 - Bookings will be taken as normal through our website. You may notice treatments have prolonged appointment times between clients which will allow us to adhere to the new social distancing rules that have been put in place. 

2 - Consultation forms will now be emailed before appointments.

3 - We may ask for pre-payment wherever possible, to avoid handling of the card reader and cash. Your therapist may contact you with details of how to pay before your treatment, but card payments are still available.

4 - As always we cannot accommodate children, friends or family, only clients with an appointment will be allowed into the salon.

5 -  Please arrive for your appointment on time, we will no longer have a waiting area, therefore you will now need to wait outside Finn & Co salon until your therapist comes down to greet you.

6 -  There will no longer be any refreshments available, please only bring bottled water if needed.

7 -  We have air purifiers in each treatment room. The Radic8 Viruskiller neutralises 99.9999% of viruses in a single air pass inculding Covid19. 

8 - The rooms are fogged on a regular basis which eliminates any airborne microorganisms and disinfects hard to reach surfaces. 

9 -  We will provide all clients with hand gel and masks upon arrival and also a designated area for disposal. We ask you to arrive with minimal belongings, any you arrive with will be kept in your own basket during your time in the salon. 

10 -  We will be wearing a visor, mask and disposable gloves for each client. 

11 -  Salon opening hours may vary during this period.

12 - Disposable bio-degradable towels will be used, but we may also use towels that will be cleaned on the recommended 60 degree wash cycle.

13 - The new Covid-19 sterilisation rules will be adhered to.

14 -  Windows in the rooms will be open to allow fresh air to circulate the rooms and a disinfectant spray used for furnishings.

15 - Any updates or changes will be made as more information becomes available.

Please note prices have been changed as we allow for increasing costs such as ppe, cleaning materials and time lost between clients due to cleaning.  Even with price increases we will not be earning what we did pre Covid, so we hope you continue to support us so we can keep our business open.

Our on-line booking system is now open for appointments.  Please use the waiting list if you can not find what you are looking for or text us directly. This may change according to government recommendations, if so, your appointment will be re scheduled.

In the event that you are unwell or can not make your appointment, as long as 24 hours notice is given, your appointment can be re-scheduled to another time. if you cancel within 24hrs, half your appointment cost will be lost, the other half can be used for a future booking.  No refunds will be given.

We hope you have been happy with the service we provide and continue to support us through these unprecedented times.

We look forward to seeing you all very soon.


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