£250 per treatment. 
 Recommended course of 4 treatments, every 2-3 weeks. Maintenance every 4 weeks
Aftercare products essential.

 An exclusive therapy that is personalisable and effective for stimulating the rejuvenation of the skin.


Dermatech Pen uses the most advanced micro-needling technology.  This non-invasive treatment stimulates natural collagen production in a safe and controlled way.

Our dermatech pen is combined with a peel, serum and mask to treat large pores, wrinkles, loss of elasticity, acne scaring, scaring, pigmentation, sun damage and dull tone. Effects can be seen immediately and results seen in the coming weeks and months.


What is micro-needling?

Micro needling stimulates natural collagen production by creating microscopic punctures in the skin at controlled depths and speeds.  In order to heal itself from these punctures the skin has to produce more growth factors, elastin and collagen.  This improves the overall quality and texture of the skin, appearing more youthful.  Micro needling also enables topical products like serums to penetrate deeper into the skin, increasing their effectiveness.

Safe Treatment

In comparison to derma-rollers, our pen provides a completely safe and more comfortable treatment.  It uses a controlled puncture on the skin with the ability to personalise the treatment for each individual.  Using sterile surgical steel needles, not only improves the result but provides a totally safe treatment whilst minimising discomfort and irritation.